Pumpkin spice lattes. The crunch of bright yellow leaves underfoot. Your favorite hoodie. And perhaps the most glorious moment of autumn: Switching the furnace from AC to heat. But is your system ready for that rude awakening? Make sure by following these fall HVAC maintenance tips.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tip #1: Replace your Air Filter

It’s good to be in the habit of switching out your air filters at least every 90 days—and more frequently if you have pets or allergies. Clogged filters force your furnace work harder, which translated into higher utility costs for you. Plus, your air quality will be better when it’s not being pulled through a dusty filter.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tip #2: Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

As we learned in third-grade science class, hot air rises. To extend the life of your furnace, it’s helpful to push that warm air down into the room. In cooler months, your ceiling fans should be turning clockwise at a low speed, drawing the cool air up and forcing the warm air down along the walls and back to your floors.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tip #3: Clean and Adjust Registers and Vents

Continuing along the hot-air-rises theme: If you have a two-story home, consider closing some registers on the second floor and opening more on the first floor. While you’re at it, take the dustbuster to your floor and ceiling registers and wall vents.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tip #4: Adjust Your Thermostat

The Department of Energy recommends setting your heat at 68oF while you’re home and awake and pushing it down a few degrees if you’ll be away for several hours and while you’re sleeping. Not only will this save wear and tear on your HVAC unit, but it will also save you some money over time.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tip #5: Have your HVAC Unit Inspected

There are plenty of preventive measures you can do yourself, but some tasks are best left up to people who know their heat exchangers from their draft inducer motors. By hiring a professional to come check your system—twice per year, ideally—you’ll lessen the chance of a major failure. HVAC contractors will inspect your filter, electrical components, motors, pressure, and more. (We’re pleased to offer affordable preventive maintenance plans to North Carolina homeowners.)

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tip #6: Replace Your Furnace

Replacing your whole system isn’t exactly a “maintenance” tip, but if your furnace was installed more than a decade ago, it might be time. An HVAC professional can do an inspection and tell you how much longer your system is likely to last.

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